Ice Cream Packaging

A wide range of high density expanded polystyrene boxes, provided with a reusable, very resistant plastic inner shell

0,5L Ice cream: packaging for 100 units

1L Ice cream: packaging for 70 units

Expanded polystyrene trays

Our food tray models are ideal for retail professionals: supermarkets, butcheries, caterers ...

The available dimensions are:

" A " Type: 18 cm x 21,5cm packaging for 210 units
" E " Type: 13,5 cm x 22,5cm packaging for 210 units
" C " Type: 13,5 cm x 18cm packaging for 280 units

Packaging of fresh products

A wide range of insulated boxes (2 to 70 kg) allows exporters to meet their clients’ specific needs.

Perfect insulation
Food certificate available


Strong and light (1.5 kg), the expanded polystyrene pallet is ideal for air transport.

Standard variety: full pallet and half-pallet available
Very light pallet, manageable and effective
Very handy, for better working comfort
Very solid product, high quality manufacturing
Reusable and fully recyclable product
Dimensions : 100 x 80 cm


Sipasen also manufactures standard sized plates (80x100 cm); the thickness may vary depending on the application: 2 to 30 cm.

Expanded polystyrene is an EXCELLENT heat insulator, which ensures good compression and humidity resistance.

It allows for energy efficiency savings and increased comfort.

Use of Polystyrene in the construction sector

SIPASEN plates are ideal for insulating cold-storage rooms’ walls.

Appropriate insulation can maintain a pleasant and stable indoor temperature throughout the year.

Polystyrene beads processing

Lightweight concrete

In manufacturing, expanded polystyrene beads can replace sand almost completely; the resulting concrete is therefore very light and insulating


Expanded polystyrene beads can also be used to stuff your armchairs, ottomans and big cushions.


Whether laid, glued or suspended, expanded polystyrene puts you on display.
We analyse yourdecoration projects, logos, lettering and cuts.

Whether you are organizing a company event or just a birthday, take advantage of our many pre-cut shapes to personalize your decorations and impress your guests.


Whether you own a restaurant or catering service, our choice of polystyrene pre-cut shapes will offer you unrivalled opportunities to decorate your tables and buffets.

Personnalisez vos réceptions !

Benefit from our expertise in EXPORTING OUR PRODUCTS

Thanks to our geographical location, our products benefit from very competitive export prices throughout WAEMU countries.
We have a wide range of satisfied customers in Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania and Cameroon, who appreciate the quality of our products and our rigor in the treatment of their orders.

SIPASEN in a few figures

  • 400 Tons per year
  • 6 Forging presses
  • 2000 m2 Production and storage
  • 6j/7 Factory opening days and bank holidays